Who We Are

Pane in the Glass Ltd is a New Zealand owned business that provides fast and efficient cleaning services for both commercial and residential customers. Quality, Professionalism, and Customer Satisfaction are the trademarks of our business.


Based in New Zealand’s Northern most city of Whangarei, is a locally owned business.  Pane in the Glass Ltd is a residential and commercial cleaning service.  We offer our services throughout Whangarei and Northland. You may be forgiven for thinking that our name implies that we only clean glass and windows - and whilst we are specialists in window cleaning, the full range of our cleaning services is far more extensive than that. In fact, whatever your cleaning needs are in your home, office, or business, we have the experience and expertise to take care of your cleaning needs leaving you time for more rewarding activities.

At Pane in the Glass our fully trained team of experienced window cleaners in Whangarei are on hand to take on all manner of windows, awnings and screens with our water feed pole system that negates the need for working at height in most cases as our operatives will work safely from the ground. Carbon fibre poles through which ultra-pure water (filtered free of minerals) is fed and utilised to reach higher windows, leaving a spot and free smear finish that will leave your windows and frames looking great. 

In addition, we can undertake the cleaning of you entire building, both exterior and interior, bringing a new lease of life to your property. From clearing out gutters with our high-powered vacuum to power washing of decks, fences and paths, to cleaning all painted surfaces, we can put the effort into  making your property looking like new, saving you from having to undertake the considerable effort required.

Inside your building, we can take care of all the regular cleaning that you may expect – dusting, polishing, vacuuming and even steam cleaning; but beyond this we provide other services, including an expert carpet cleaning service and a sanitising and disinfecting service. Carpets are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning as a simple vacuuming can give the impression that they are clean, when in fact much of the dirt and grit will have settled deep into the fibres of your carpet, ultimately ruining the appearance and quality of your carpet. The service provided by our carpet cleaners in Whangarei will ensure a deep clean of you carpet which will help to extend its life for years. Our antiviral and antibacterial fogging procedure will leave all your kitchen and bathroom surfaces free from germs and hygienically clean reducing your chances of picking up unwanted viruses.

We also have considerable experience of construction cleaning in Northland with industrial sized equipment for floor scrubbing and steam cleaning that will contribute to your new build or renovation looking its absolute best.

When you are in need of the premier window cleaning service in Whangarei or want solar panel cleaners in Northland - and have high expectations from the service you use, then be assured that you can count on Pane in the Glass to listen to your needs, exceed your expectations and leave you nothing short of delighted, each and every time.

Call us today for your free quote – whatever size the cleaning job you need doing.

Cleaning is a fundamental part of life, and whether it’s your home, your office or anywhere that you spend time, you want that environment to be clean. However, there may be many reasons that you are unable to undertake that task yourself – maybe lack of time, lack of resources, or a job that is just too big for you to manage. 

In any of these circumstances you can turn to us, Pane In The Glass, high quality, commercial cleaners in Whangarei that can take care of all your cleaning needs. If you have high or awkward to reach windows, our team of experienced window cleaners in Whangarei can come to your aid, delivering a chemical free clean that not only looks great, but is long lasting too.

Inside your home or office, we can clean everywhere, leaving surfaces clean and hygienic, and in particular our specialist carpet cleaners in Whangarei, will remove ingrained dirt that will damage the fibres of your carpet, whilst also remove lingering odours, especially those from pets. And if you have had some building work on your property or a new home, we also supply a construction cleaning service to Whangarei and Northland that can save you significant time and effort, with guaranteed results and show room standards.

 We are always on hand to listen to your cleaning needs, and no matter the scale of job, large or small, we will achieve the results that you want, every time. For all your general and window cleaning in Whangarei, call Pane In The Glass for a free quotation.